Ruqyah Fast-Track Program

The Ruqyah Fast-Track Program (RFP) includes all you need to know, along with the practical supervision and support during the course to be able to exceed the standards of a typical Ruqyah practitioner, all within 6 months!

Learning is optimised via our 4-component learning experience:

  1. Online Learning – Learn the theory at your own pace and time.
  2. Weekly Live Online Support – Receive live feedback on questions pertaining to the theory, practical experiences or homework assignments.
  3. Weekly Practical Sessions – This is your unique opportunity to receive support on your practical Ruqyah any time through your course (not obligatory to attend weekly however it is crucial especially to sharpen your skills in higher levels of Ruqyah)
  4. Homework Feedback – Receive feedback on all your home assignments to ensure that you have the support needed at all stages of your learning.

There are 20 modules split into 5 parts.

Part 1 – Practical Initiation

  1. Optimum Learning
  2. How to make effective Ruqyah Water in 10 seconds
  3. How to make effective Ruqyah Apple Cider Vinegar in 10 seconds
  4. How to make effective Ruqyah Black Seed Oil in 10 seconds
  5. Key Components of Quranic Ruqyah

Part 2 – Core Basic Concepts

  1. Ruqyah Myths
  2. The 7 Levels of Ruqyah
  3. Evil and the Effects
  4. Triangular Diagnosis

Part 3 – More Practical Techniques

  1. Hands of Ruqyah
  2. Ruqyah Fusion
  3. Visual Ruqyah
  4. Dangerous Techniques

Part 4 – Increasing Efficacy

  1. Ruqyah Power
  2. Ruqyah Combinations
  3. Expediting Exit

Part 5 – Ruqyah Life

  1. Protection and Cleansing
  2. Optimum Purification
  3. Managing Clients
  4. Ruqyah Movement

Upon graduation, you will:

  • Be a certified Ruqyah Practitioner.
  • Be confident that you have the knowledge and experience to tackle a range of scenarios via Ruqyah.
  • Be able to practice Ruqyah safely and professionally.
  • Be eligible to join the Ruqyah Movement.
  • Be eligible to apply for the Higher Ruqyah Apprenticeship.

This course is scheduled to be launched in 2021. To express your interest, please contact Suhaib – 07872 451961 /