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For UK ruqyah, please contact Suhaib: 07872 451961 /

For USA ruqyah or online ruqyah, please contact Musa: +1 512 667 3312 /

Ruqyah in Sheffield or Rotherham costs £60 per session (home visit or office).

A session typically lasts 1hr 30minutes and includes diagnosis (for all present), priority advice, treatment and medicines (if required). There is no limit to the number of people participating in the Ruqyah session however the more people present, the less focussed the session will be.

Ruqyah is also available in other cities. Below are prices for the most common cities we visit.

  • Sheffield / Rotherham: £60 per session
  • Leeds / Manchester / Bolton: £80 per session (minimum 3 sessions)
  • Birmingham: £100 per session (minimum 3 sessions)
  • London / Cardiff: £100 per session (minimum 4 sessions)

For other cities, please call for details.