R&D for Higher Ruqyah

Higher Ruqyah focuses on efficacy. For example, one treatment typically lasts under 1 minute, some within 10 seconds, however a session may take up to 15 minutes in order to ensure the correct ruqyah is used after evaluating the progress from the previous session. This allows trials to be conducted en-masse and quickly.

  • To conduct trials for 100 people (each with 10x 15 minute sessions) will take 250 hours (32 working days). This costs £7680.
  • For 1000 people, this will be 2500 hours (313 working days) i.e. 1.25 years if reliant on 1 raqi. This costs £75,000.

IAR is currently designing formal training for ruqyah, and estimate it will take approximately 3 years for a raqi to be able to be trained and able to perform Higher Ruqyah to a quality sufficient for treatment.

The treatment for Higher Ruqyah currently includes material costs which are negligible. Further to this, labour of 15 minutes (similar to a GP appointment) is sufficient per treatment. This makes it a much more favourable approach in contrast to traditional ruqyah.

The only thing needed is to prove the efficacy of Higher Ruqyah is better than the efficacy of conventional medicine.

Treatment Materials Labour (15 mins) Treatment (1 session)
Tea £0.10 £7.50 £7.60
Cigar £1.50 £7.50 £9.00

How is R&D for Higher Ruqyah Conducted?

The theory is simple.

  1. Read Spiritual Words
  2. Transfer Spiritual Words into Physical Media
  3. Client consumes the Physical Media
  4. Observations recorded per dose (until next dosage)

Results and observations are to be recorded during the consumption of the Higher Ruqyah treatment, and also through the next 24 hrs (i.e. until the next treatment session).

Typically, 10 sessions are required to complete the initial trial.