Phase 1 of Higher Ruqyah R&D

Higher Ruqyah began development in 2015 and 2 common techniques (to treat a range of ailments) have been practised on our clients for 5 years with incredible results compared to Traditional Ruqyah. The common techniques are the tea treatment and the cigar treatment.

The objective of Phase 1 is to document progress on these techniques to see if it is worth spending more time and resources for a more thorough research i.e. move into Phase 2.

Below are key findings which we have concluded is sufficient evidence to move into Phase 2 for both techniques.

Tea Treatment – Phase 1

Concept: The tea is merely a delivery mechanism in which the ruqyah is carried via the caffeine in order to delve deeper into the brain of the subject. This in turn transfers to the intellect (‘aql) of the subject. In this way, the ruqyah interacts with the negativity in the ‘aql which promotes much better results compared to traditional ruqyah.

In 2019, we conducted a trial on 1 person with bi-polar disorder and depression (for over 30 years). The technique of Higher Ruqyah used was restricted to 20 sessions of the tea treatment, provided on a daily basis.

The results were outstanding.

Key points:

  • Day 1 – Less voices were heard from start of treatment. Sleeping pattern improved.
  • Day 3 – Less feeling of people talking about client.
  • Day 4 – Increased calmness
  • Day 5 – Improved appetite and diet
  • Day 6 – Less fatigue
  • Day 9 – Began feeling much happier
  • Day 10 – Exercise started (not done exercise for many years)
  • Day 12 – client revealed symptom of hearing breathing at night (for over 30 years).
  • Day 13 – breathing symptom reduced (treatment targeted this symptom in day 12)
  • Day 16 – Feel light like when much younger. Able to walk outside like during younger days.
  • Day 18 – Less confusion. Less stress
  • Day 19 – Only hear bird voices
  • Day 20 – No more voices (treatment target bird voices in day 19)

The above pilot treatment achieved results that surpassed conventional medicine for a cost of approximately £150.

Materials Labour (5 hours) Total Cost
£2 £150 £152

This is sufficient evidence to move into Phase 2.

Cigar Treatment – Phase 1

Concept: The smoke from the cigar is the delivery mechanism to carry the ruqyah throughout the body. It reaches places where water and liquids cannot reach easily, for example, the breath. The ruqyah smoke interacts with the negativity in the breath e.g. the cause of asthma.

IMPORTANT: This is a dangerous technique developed by International Academy of Ruqyah and the only person currently authorised to carry out this technique is Suhaib Hamidi. Nobody else is authorised to attempt to carry out this treatment.

The subject is myself (i.e. Suhaib Hamidi) due to the dangerous life-threatening approach of this research.

I have had asthma since childhood and have been hospitalised due to asthma attacks twice during my childhood.

In 2019, I was having an asthma attack which forced me to wake up several times during my sleep. The salbutamol was only providing relief for around 5 minutes at a time.

The ruqyah cigar caused me to cough violently and took me out of the asthma attack within 1 session which lasted approximately 30 minutes i.e. the wheezing significantly reduced and breathing was much easier. Due to the cigar treatment reducing the bulk of the asthmatic symptoms, the salbutamol began to have more effect i.e. it immediately reduced the need of me having to take salbutamol from every 5 minutes to every 2-3 hours.

I repeated the same cigar treatment for the next few days as of when I felt asthmatic, which removed the bulk of the wheezing and difficulty of breathing at that time. Salbutamol was inhaled as of when required, until I no longer required it.

My asthma has been negligible since this last attack. I still require salbutamol during exercise (in 2020) however it is much more controlled than it has ever been in my life.

This is sufficient evidence to move to phase 2