Why Learn Ruqyah?

And We send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss. [Al-Isra; 17:82]

The above Quranic Ayat (verse) is an explicit point from Allah (SWT) stating that the Quran’s purpose is for healing and mercy, however fourteen hundred years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the healing qualities of the Quran is still relatively unknown and much more healing secrets of the Quran still need to be unlocked.

The Messenger of Allah said: “Make good use of the two cures: honey and the Qur’ān.” [Ibn Mājah]

There has been some enhancements in Quranic healing, for example, the use of certain ingredients mentioned in the Quran have been infused into diet in order to trigger good health for the consumer. However the achievements of Quranic healing in the past fourteen hundred years cannot be compared to the achievements of conventional medicine which has successfully developed cures for a variety of illnesses without the explicit use of the Quran.

For the Muslim, this is a matter of Iman (faith).

Allah has explicitly specified that the Quran is a healing tool for them and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions sacrificed so much to bring the Quran to the world. However, the efforts and understanding of using the Quran as a tool for healing is not yet advanced enough to be worthy of being compared to the achievements of conventional non-Quranic healthcare.

Many questions arise from this status quo.

If Allah sent the Quran to heal us, then why is it that conventional medicine is still much more superior than Islamic medicine? Surely the Quran, the very words of The Creator must be superior to anything devised by the creation. What is missing here? Where have we failed?

What healing secrets of the Quran are still undiscovered? How do we unravel these secrets?

Where conventional medicine has not been able to provide a cure, or even a clear diagnosis, are the answers hidden in the Quran?

The questions endlessly come as the struggle of Iman intensifies within the Muslim.

What is clear, is that the disciplines of Quranic healing must develop in a way that can prove to the world, regardless of religion, that utilising the Quran will result in enhancing the healing of illnesses. Success in this will transgress language, culture and religion and will transform the world. The Quran will be known and accepted as source of healing throughout the world. Islam will be known as a truly loving way of life.