Why Learn With IAR?

Too many Ruqyah opinions out there? Want to learn in a structured manner?

We hear you! We’ve designed our Ruqyah Training programs for ease of learning. We have a 4- component learning experience to optimize your progress.

  1. Online Learning – Learn the theory at your own pace and time.
  2. Weekly Live Online Support – Receive live feedback on questions pertaining to the theory, practical experiences or homework assignments.
  3. Weekly Practical Sessions – This is your unique opportunity to receive support on your practical Ruqyah any time through your course (not obligatory to attend weekly however it is crucial especially to sharpen your skills in higher levels of Ruqyah)
  4. Homework Feedback – Receive feedback on all your home assignments to ensure that you have the support needed at all stages of your learning.

Ruqyah is both a science and an art, so each Raqi will have his or her own techniques that will be unique for them. Our practical sessions help to tailor your learning so you will discover the techniques of Ruqyah best suited for you.

Our Ruqyah training program is divided into 2 stages.

Stage 1: Ruqyah Fast-Track Program (approx 6 months) – Get equipped with the knowledge and skills to exceed the typical Ruqyah practitioner in less than 6 months! Upon graduation, you will be a qualified Ruqyah practitioner with sufficient supervised practical experience, ready to start offering Ruqyah professionally to the community.

Stage 2: Higher Ruqyah Apprenticeship (approx 12 months) – For those serious about sharpening their Ruqyah skills, this apprenticeship focuses on selecting a chosen Ruqyah specialism and providing you with new Higher Ruqyah techniques to drive your research and development in order to break through conventional medical achievements. This is a closely supervised apprenticeship with regular interaction in order to ensure that the standards of practice you achieve will be respected throughout the medical profession.

Tired of attending 1 or 2 day seminars on Ruqyah and then expected to be able to practice?

I’m personally supporting you in your development. This is the importance of regular face-to-face support. You’ll have time to understand the theory in between classes. The regular assignments given to you will not only allow you to develop your understanding but also give you time to practice Ruqyah in between classes and receive regular feedback on your findings.

Long gone are the days of weekend conferences which only feed on your emotions. After those types of conferences, you’re back at square one and all you would’ve gained are some printed documents that’s piled up in the corner of one of the rooms at home (along with other stuff you wanted to learn but never did as there was no real ongoing support).

Our 4-component learning experience gives you the continuous support to develop your skills at a pace which is suitable for you.

Got some serious problems? Can’t keep calling a Raqi?

Of course a competent Raqi expedites your healing, however for serious problems, you can’t really depend too much on the availability of a Raqi. So this course is committed to supporting you in becoming that Raqi.

You don’t have to practice Ruqyah for other people once you complete this course. It has been designed where you will be able to excel in your self-Ruqyah as well.

The knowledge and experience you’ll gain from performing Ruqyah on others gives you great insight on how to treat yourself effectively. This will save you money in the long-run and more importantly, give you piece of mind that you have the support you need in order to keep progressing your situation.

Perfect for Hijama Therapists (and other therapists)

Are you a Hijama therapist and get nervous when your client starts to react in a Hijama session? The Ruqyah Fast-Track Program (RFP) gives you the confidence to diagnose your client as well as equip you with sufficient Ruqyah experience on dealing with the matter. This also improves your profile as many people are looking for Hijama therapists who can also do Ruqyah effectively.

Of course, Ruqyah is a great skill to master if you provide other therapies e.g. acupuncture, chiropractor, reiki.

Stand out from your competitors by giving your clients an additional reason to contact you!