The Need for R&D

There have been many occasions where ruqyah has been able to provide cures to illnesses that conventional medicine fails to progress on. The problem is that these occasions are not formally documented. Furthermore, trials to replicate the success have never been launched, therefore a big question mark looms over whether ruqyah is or isn’t a healing technique that could enhance the medical world or not.

If ruqyah is the cause of miracles in medical success, then it is vital for anyone in the healthcare industry to support the research and development of ruqyah in order to enhance healthcare services for the future.

Continuous R&D is crucial in order to develop the discipline of ruqyah for the modern era since Islam was revealed for all Times. Below is a summary of new techniques that we have developed over the years as well as providing a hint of common cases where these techniques have helped our clients.

All new techniques made available via International Academy of Ruqyah are classed as Higher Ruqyah.

1. Fire Ruqyah (External)

The surroundings needs to be analysed first and the ruqyah in written form is protected and initiated with fire. Standard audio ruqyah is insufficient to purify houses and business where negativity disturbs the residents or business, as often the same disturbances resurface over time. This technique is based on the Arsh of Allah.

R&D Cases: Shadows, Negative Energies, Business Downfall, Family Split, Historical Magick.
Prices start from £50 (in Sheffield and Rotherham)

2. Fire Ruqyah (Internal) – over 18s only

Pure Fire is created using tobacco and the specific Ruqyah is recited into the Fire to target the ailment. Fire power is required to break down or destroy complex evil forces. This treatment is based upon the Ferocity of Allah when He (SWT) destroyed the City of Sodom.

R&D Cases: Asthma, Severe Pain, Headaches
Prices start from £50 per session (in Sheffield and Rotherham)
Over 18s only as this technique involves tobacco smoke inhalation.

3. Ruqyah of Dissolution – over 13s only

Evil forces that are ingrained or twisted into the physical structure of the patient cannot be removed, but rather needs to be dissolved in order to shrink the problem so it is either easier to untangle them or to allow them to wither away. This treatment is based upon Al-Latiff and Ar-Razzaq using the elements of Earth and Water founded on Caffeine.

R&D Cases: Hearing Voices, Constant Tiredness, Bi-Polar Disorder, Eczema, Headaches and Migraines
Prices start from £20 per session (in Sheffield and Rotherham)
Over 13s only (with parental consent) as this technique involves caffeine intake.

4. Ruqyah of Enhanced Rizq (Milk and Honey)

A technique deriving from Jesus’ healing, this works in 3 ways. The Milk absorbs the evil. The Honey heals and enhances the organ. The Elixir increases the Rizq in terms of wealth and health. The basis of this treatment is the Ruh of Allah.

R&D Cases: Rizq block in terms of tiredness
Prices start for £50 per session (in Sheffield and Rotherham) and includes treatment pack.

Do you have an illness or ailment which you’ve exhausted all avenues with no progress?

If you have an ailment or problem that you’d like our opinion on, please contact us to discuss whether we are able to include your ailment in our R&D programme. Participants of the R&D programme need to reside in Sheffield for the duration of the trial in order to undertake daily treatment sessions with a typical duration of 2-week blocks.

For more information contact Suhaib – 07872 451961 /