Ruqyah Training Programme

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The Ruqyah Training Programme (RTP) gives you the opportunity to start your Ruqyah Journey in stages at your own pace.

If you’re intrigued in ruqyah but not sure where to start, or even nervous about starting it without the required support, the Ruqyah Training Programme (RTP) was designed for you.

Learning is optimised via our 4-component learning experience:

  1. Online Learning – Learn the theory online from the comfort of your home.
  2. Regular Live Online Support – Receive live feedback on questions pertaining to the theory and your ruqyah experiences.
  3. Practical Sessions – This is your unique opportunity to receive in-person support on your practical ruqyah, allowing you to sharpen your ruqyah techniques. You can bring your case studies to the sessions or you can practice on other session participants.
  4. Homework Feedback – Receive feedback on all your home assignments to ensure that you have the support needed at all stages of your learning.

The Ruqyah Journey

  1. Free 6 Month Trial – Discover basic ruqyah to practise on your family and friends with weekly feedback calls for ongoing support.
  2. Ruqyah Apprentice – Start to offer Ruqyah services to the public for increased exposure to experience many more scenarios. Start to practice some Higher Ruqyah techniques.
  3. Ruqyah Practitioner – Once sufficient experience and skills have been accumulated, this stage helps you to transform into a professional and start earning a side-income. More powerful Higher Ruqyah techniques are introduced.
  4. Ruqyah Associate – Continuous development of ruqyah is crucial in uplifting the reputation of the ruqyah industry so it can stand out amongst conventional medicine. This stage gives you the opportunity and framework to research and develop new ruqyah techniques that will benefit future generations.
  5. Ruqyah Director – This stage is for those who are keen to pro-actively introduce Higher Ruqyah all over the world. The international spread of Higher Ruqyah is crucial to let the world be aware of the healing powers of Allah through ruqyah.

What can I learn in the Ruqyah Training Programme?

Stage 1 (Free for 6 months – dependent on strength of application)

  1. Core Verses and Common Ruqyah Practises
  2. Hands of Ruqyah and Detecting Evil in Body (Basic)
  3. Possession Handling
  4. Ruqyah Combinations

Stage 2:

  1. How to Make Ruqyah Water in 10 seconds
  2. How to Make Ruqyah Apple Cider Vinegar in 10 seconds

Stage 3:

  1. Building your Business
  2. How to make Ruqyah Black Seed Oil in 10 seconds
  3. Herbal Impact
  4. Visual Ruqyah
  5. Excelling in Inspiration and Intuition
  6. Triangular Analysis

Stage 4: Concepts and techniques learned during this stage are tailored to ensure participants are equipped to expand on their chosen ruqyah speciality.

Stage 5: Concepts and techniques learned during this stage are tailored to ensure participants are equipped to pro-actively expand the practise of Higher Ruqyah internationally.

For more information, download the Ruqyah Journey document.

Why start the Ruqyah Training Programme (RTP)?

  1. Test Ruqyah for 6 months first to see if Ruqyah fits with you before committing to learning Higher Ruqyah techniques.
  2. Weekly feedback and guidance on your ruqyah case studies.
  3. Time to understand the theory and practice it knowing that weekly support calls are scheduled in to revisit/clarify or provide feedback.
  4. Have time planned into the programme to practice, knowing support calls are scheduled in.
  5. Go straight into the practical and learn the theory as your experience progresses.
  6. In-person practical supervision sessions to sharpen your practical techniques.
  7. Be safe in practising ruqyah with an escalation point if things get too much.
  8. Have an escalation point to quickly remove backlash.
  9. Continuous learning and guidance on new techniques that will keep improving your ruqyah ability.
  10. Be confident when practising ruqyah on your family and friends that problems are detected early on to prevent further decline.
  11. Gain sufficient knowledge and experience, whilst having regular support to gain a side-income.

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