Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We help you to access new, effective and exciting Ruqyah techniques by pioneering innovation in Ruqyah.


Our Mission


We research and develop spiritual knowledge and merge our findings with medical knowledge to break through the limitations of conventional medicine.

We believe that miraculous healing should be at your fingertips, within reach for everyone.

We do Innovative Ruqyah. We work to establish the most advanced Ruqyah institution in the world.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Allah (God) does not secularise medicine, so we also do not.

The body is composed of both your physical organs (e.g. heart, limbs, brain) as well as your spiritual organs (e.g. soul). As both the physical and the spiritual components are intertwined, the condition of the physical body will affect the condition of the spiritual body and vice versa. For example, once the soul leaves the body, the physical organs will have no life to connect to and therefore begins to rot away quickly.

Segregating spiritual medicine from conventional medicine restricts the efficacy of medicine. The merging of both disciplines into one is vital in order for us to truly understand the human body and how best to heal it.