Fire Ruqyah

Are you tired of reciting for hours a day yet not be moving forward?

Tired of paying high prices for ruqyah, yet making no real progress?

We have developed a brand new technique based on the Qur’an and Sunnah that physically (and spiritually) burns away your problems.

This is fire ruqyah.

What is Fire Ruqyah?

Ruqyah has increased in popularity over the past twenty years because it addresses real problems that are increasingly afflicting people. Until now, little research has been done in order to expand this field into something that can truly operate as a complete system for dealing with the problems of modern people in modern conditions. We have to catch up.

Ruqyah water is widely used throughout the globe, although there is actually no Islamic evidence whatsoever that shows the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ accepting or practising the recitation of Qur’an and then blowing into water for consumption.

There are examples of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ reading non-Qur’anic ruqyah and then blowing into water. There are examples of using this ruqyah water for washing. There are examples of mixing water and soil for healing. But there’s no example of using Qur’anic ruqyah water for drinking.

So consuming Qur’anic ruqyah water is an innovation – a great innovation. This stems from lessons from the Qur’an, e.g. Noah’s (AS) people were evil, so Allah flooded the earth, washing the evil away. That same concept has been used when making ruqyah water i.e. to wash away the evil inside oneself by consuming the Qur’anic ruqyah water.

However, water is not the only medium in existence. It is truly effective in certain applications, but to use it in all applications makes no more sense than a doctor treating every problem with surgery or a single medication. There is more to choose from, and more research to be done to determine what is effective for what problem, just like in medical research.

In the Qur’an, Allah also destroyed evil via fire. In the time of Lot (AS), the people of Sodom were so bad that Allah sent fire raining down from the Arsh of Allah to destroy that city. That was a very ferocious event.

So, fire can be purifying.

Fire cupping is known, although not used as much these days, the reason being that most cupping practitioners assume that the use of fire in fire cupping is simply to create suction so the cup sticks onto the body. Of course, that’s true, however for those with a deeper understanding of fire cupping, they are able to use the fire to interact with the evil inside the client for a deeper purification effect.

Fire ruqyah is a technique developed by the International Academy of Ruqyah.

What are Fire Sheets?

One of the types of fire ruqyah available are fire sheets.

The method is simple.

Our raqis will analyse you and after determining the issue, a ruqyah fire sheet is written with a request to Allah – essentially a written ruqyah (or du’a). This ruqyah will ask Allah to burn away your problems, for example, demons haunting your house, magic afflicting you, or evil eye causing you illness. The fire ruqyah is then initiated by burning the fire sheet. This also sends the ruqyah to the unseen world.

Of course, there is no shirk involved, the ruqyah is written in plain English so you can also read, understand and participate in the intention.

As the layers of evil are burned through, you will begin to feel relief. This will allow the deeper layers of evil to rise to the surface and hence also allow our raqis to re-analyse the situation in order to write the next fire sheet. This procedure allows us to target your problems more specifically, resulting in much better outcomes, within much quicker timeframes.

What will I gain?

  • Save time. You no longer have to adhere to the impossible task of reading 1-2 hours (or more!) of Qur’an every day just to maintain your sanity. This technique achieves much more in much less time.
  • Save money. No more paying for traditional ruqyah sessions just to maintain a mediocre level of health. Improve your situation drastically by asking Allah to physically burn away the evil from you.
  • Ruqyah sheets for life! The amazing thing about this technique is that you can re-print the same ruqyah sheet and burn it. For example, if someone does magic to you again, you no longer have to strain yourself by having to book several ruqyah sessions. Or if you’re female and you keep getting attacked by the unseen evil during your menstrual cycle, you now have a quick and easy option to burn away the evil. Simply print off a ruqyah fire sheet, burn it, and experience Allah burning away the problem.
  • Observe the secret healing techniques of the Qur’an. I’m sure you’ve always wondered about the secrets of the Qur’an. You now have the option to actually experience it!

How do I start?

Contact us to book a consultation session via phone, WhatsApp or email.

Justin (USA and International): +1 512 667 3312

Suhaib (UK only): 07872 451961

What are the charges?

Only £30 (UK only) or $40 (International) – and the fire sheet is treatment for life!

This is an international service. As long as you can attend calls with the raqi and have access to a printer, you’ll be able to receive the treatment and use it for life.